ADR, Qualified Neutral, Mediation, Arbitration, Trial, SLC, Special Master




John Borg (judge, retired) has extensive judicial, practice, teaching and alternative dispute resolution experience. Presently, he practices exclusively in alternative dispute resolution including mediation, arbitration and trials. He is a Qualified Neutral with the Minnesota Supreme Court, and has served as mediator, arbitrator, and trial judge in thousands of federal and state court cases since he began practicing law in 1975. 

He has served as a Special Master and/or Settlement Master on cases in the United States District Court including the Baycol and Viagra MDLs and Thrivent and MSG class actions. He has served as Receiver/Interim CEO of a $90 million medical device company for over two and one half years as well as the receiver in other matters involving owner disputes in privately held companies.

Mr. Borg was a Judge of the District Court for the Fourth Judicial District (Minneapolis), a court of general jurisdiction, for eight years, where he presided over all classifications and levels of civil and criminal matters. Civil cases included personal injury, contract, employment, restrictive covenants, product liability, real estate, commercial, consumer, business, family, tort, and construction. Criminal cases included homicide, assault, criminal sexual conduct, white-collar crime, and misdemeanor offenses.

Mr. Borg has substantial and varied practice experience. Over twelve years he held numerous positions for Medtronic, the world’s largest medical device company and a Fortune 300 multinational medical device corporation, as the Vice-President and Associate General Counsel with global responsibility for litigation, including patent and putative class actions; corporate law; regulatory; shareholder relations; compliance; employment; and Vice-President and Senior Counsel for the Neurological and Cardiac Surgery business units (Over one billion dollars in sales).

He also was a felony prosecutor for the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office (Minneapolis) in the criminal, career criminal and white-collar crime divisions. He also defended indigent persons charged criminally as an Assistant Public Defender in Hennepin County.